FISA Tours

FISA (Fédération Internationale des Sociétés d'Aviron) is the International Governing Body for the sport of rowing.  It sets the rules and regulations for the sport and overseas international competitions including the Olypic rowing regattas and World Championships.  Learn more about FISA here

FISA has a number of commissions covering different aspects of the sport.  The Rowing for All commission is responsible for promoting touring, fitness and recreational rowing.  It works with member countries to run a tour each year with the aim of developing touring rowing in that country.

The tour itself is normally organised by one or more clubs in the country concerned, with the support of the National Governing Body.  The organisers are responsible for providing accommodation, meals, transport between the stages of the tour,  boats and other equipment including safety launches if required, and a social / tourism programme.   The tour usually lasts one week, with 6 or 7 days rowing plus a day visiting places of interest.   There are normally 60 - 80 participants from around 15 different countries, so there is a limit to the number from any one country. 

Participants must be able to row, scull and cox competently.  The typical daily distance is around 25 - 30 km, and all participants are expected to take a turn at coxing.  Crews are changed each day, so participants have a chance to meet and row with as many different people as possible.  The official language on tours is English.

2018 FISA Tour in Spain - 13th to 20th May

The 2018 tour will again be coastal rowing, on Spain's Costa Brava. 

Details here   Bookings close on 28th January

Previous tours

2017 Liguria, Italy

Here is an article about the tour.  Not strictly correct, since rowing only took place on 4 of the 8 days due to adverse weather conditions. 

2016 - Austria

The tour was on the lakes of the Salzkammergut.  Full details. Here is a video taken by one of the participants

2015 - Italy


2014 - Germany