Recreational Rowing Committee

This site is maintained by the British Rowing Recreational Committee, which comprises volunteer representatives from each of the BR regions.  We aim to bring together recreational rowers from around the country to share information about events such as tours, challenges and competitions.

As well as helping to recruit new BR members, we want to encourage those who have given up competitive rowing, or are looking for an alternative, to continue being on the water in a more relaxed atmosphere.


John Turnbull
Weyfarers Rowing Club

chairman [at]



Caroline Turnbull
Weyfarers Rowing Club

secretary [at]


Thames Upper

Ruth Ward
Falcon Rowing Club

thamesupper [at]



Thames Central

Richard Smith
London Rowing Club

thamescentral [at]



Thames Lower / South East

Roger Mobbs
Maidstone Invicta Rowing Club

thameslower [at]




Mike Gilbert
Langstone Rowing Club

wessex [at]




Peter Cameron
Castle Dore Rowing Club

west [at]



Stephen Oxlade
Severn Rivers Rowing Association

wags [at]



West Midlands

Peter Barker
Upton Rowing Club

westmidlands [at]


East Midlands

Anne Hock
Leicester Rowing Club

eastmidlands [at]




Teresa Aslett
Isle of Ely Rowing Club

east [at]




Howard Holmes
Pennine Rowing Club

yorkshire [at]


North West

Brian Chapman
Grosvenor Rowing Club

northwest [at]



Colin Lawson
Durham Amateur Rowing Club

north [at]