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 All clubs affiliated to British Rowing are listed on the BR website

Here is a list of the clubs which we know welcome recreational rowers:

  Club Region  
  Bedford Rowing Club East  
  Broxbourne Rowing Club East  
  Deben Rowing Club East  
  Isle of Ely East  
  Lea Rowing Club East  
  Milton Keynes Rowing Club East  
  Northampton RC East  
  Norwich Rowing Club East  
  Star Club (Bedford) East  
  West Norfolk RC East  
  Boston Rowing Club East Midlands  
  Devil's Elbow Rowing Club East Midlands  
  Leicester Rowing Club East Midlands  
  Lincoln Rowing Centre East Midlands  
  Loughborough Boat Club East Midlands  
  Newark Rowing Club East Midlands  
  Nottingham RC East Midlands  
  Durham Amateur Rowing Club North    
  Hexham Rowing Club North    
  Talkin Tarn Amateur Rowing Club North  
  Tees RC North  
  Tyne Rowing Club North    
  Tyne United RC North  
  Tynemouth Rowing Club North    
  Grosvenor Rowing Club, Chester North West  
  Lakeland Rowing Club, Keswick North West  
  Lancaster John O'Gaunt BC North West  
North Staffordshire RC North West
  Warrington Rowing Club North West  
  Windermere Rowing Club North West  
  Dover Rowing Club Thames Lower  
  Gravesend RC Thames Lower  
  Maidstone Invicta RC Thames Lower  
  Medway Towns Rowing Club Thames Lower  
  Barn Elms BC Thames Middle  
  Furnivall Sculling Club Thames Middle  
  London Rowing Club Thames Middle  
  Thames Tradesmens' RC Thames Middle  
  Twickenham RC Thames Middle  
  Burway RC Thames Upper  
  Falcon RC, Oxford Thames Upper  
  Goring Gap RC Thames Upper  
  Hillingdon RC Thames Upper  
  Maidenhead Rowing Club Thames Upper  
  Marlow RC Thames Upper  
  Molesey BC Thames Upper  
  Phyllis Court RC, Henley Thames Upper  
  Reading Rowing Club Thames Upper  
  Riverside Centre, Jubilee River, Slough Thames Upper  
  Staines Boat Club Thames Upper  
  Walton Rowing Club Thames Upper  
  Weyfarers Rowing Club Thames Upper  
  Newport RC Wessex  
  Ryde RC Wessex  
Shanklin Sandown RC Wessex
  Avon County RC WAGS  
  Bristol Ariel WAGS  
  City of Bristol Rowing Club WAGS  
  Gloucester RC WAGS  
  Taunton WAGS  
  Castle Dore Rowing Club West  
Dart Totnes RC West
  Exeter RC West  
  Paignton Amateur Rowing Club West  
  Tiverton RC  West  
  Wimbleball RC (Taunton) West  
  Bewdley Rowing Club West Midlands  
  Birmingham Rowing Club West Midlands  
  Ross Rowing Club West Midlands  
  Stourport Rowing Club West Midlands  
  Stratford Upon-Avon Rowing Club West Midlands  
Upton Rowing Club West Midlands
  Worcester Rowing Club West Midlands  
  Doncaster RC Yorkshire  
  City of Sheffield RC Yorkshire  
  Hull Kingston Rowing Club Yorkshire  
  Leeds Rowing Club Yorkshire  
  Pennine BC Yorkshire  
  York City RC Yorkshire