Welcome to Recreational Rowing!

This site is for people who love rowing but who can't commit to the demanding training schedules needed for serious competition.  Recreational rowers have a lot of fun - as well as regular outings, we

  • visit other like-minded clubs and row on different waterways
  • go touring
  • take part in challenges
  • do fun events such as "splash and dash" races and skills competitions

Several long-distance heads now include a category for recreational rowers in stable boats.

Dates for your Diary
See also 2018 calendar

Annual Tourers' Dinner Saturday 10th March 2018
at Leander Club, Henley

Information here
Booking form

FISA Tour - Costa Brava, Spain (Catalonia)
13th - 20th May 2018

Information and booking form here
Entries close on 28th January 2018

The 25th British Rowing Tour on the Upper Thames
30th August - 2nd September 2018

Provisional details here (subject to change - price not yet finalised)

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and the FISA World Tour Rowing Directory


Commercial tour providers

Rowing the world

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What is recreational rowing?


Touring Safety

British Rowing have revised Row Safe, their guidance on all aspects of safety for rowing.  Here is  the section on Touring.

And here is our own guidance on passage through locks.