Locking Procedure

On tours you are almost certain to encounter locks.  Going through them is quite straightforward and safe, provided you follow these guidelines (with thanks to Peter Barker of Upton RC):

Guidance notes on passage through locks v3.pdf

Here are some video clips of water gushing through Lemonroyd Lock on the Aire and Calder Canal in Yorkshire (thanks to Howard Holmes of Pennine Rowing Club)

Lemonroyd Lock
Lemonroyd Lock 2
Lemonroyd Lock 3

and some videos of a Weyfarers crew going through a lock:

Waiting in the layby for the lock to open
Entering the lock
Waitng in the lock
Lock filling
Exiting the lock

and how to land and get in and out on a high bank

landing the boat
getting in and out
getting in again