Recreational Rowing Committee

Who are we?

The committee was formed in 2002 by a group of rowers interested in touring rowing, led by the late Pat Sherwin of Southsea RC, who organised the early British Rowing national tours, and supported by Alan Meegan of the Amateur Rowing Association (now BR).  The committee has representatives from all the British Rowing regions in England (currently not Wales or Scotland, but maybe in the future) and works closely with British Rowing staff to develop recreational and touring rowing.   The committee's members had a significant input into BR's "Explore Rowing" programme and have helped to promote the programme and associated events to the clubs in their regions.

RRC Relationships and Role

Growth of Recreational Rowing through:

v  Guidance and support for BR stable boat activities and events
v  Liaison with groups supporting  other types of rec. rowing
v  Liaison with overseas groups with rec. rowing aims
v  Coordination of  a National  Recreational Rowing Calendar


  1. Provision of a “quality experience” for rec, rowers through
    • A recreational route for the less competitive in clubs
    • Good access to appropriate equipment (stable boats)
    • Ongoing coaching post L2R
    • A good range of social and challenging rowing activies
    • Provision of training material and courses to increase proficiency, particularly in touring rowing skills and safety awareness
  2. Support development of events for clubs and individuals
    • Framework for stable boat racing (Leagues, Heads and Regattas)
    • National and international tours
    • Regional tours and challenges
    • Development of new touring routes and access to waterways
    • Inter-club exchanges
    • co-ordination of a national calendar of recreational rowing events
  3. Liaison with similar interest groups
    • Coastal, gig, skiff and fixed seat communities
    • Participation in each other's events
  4. Promote awareness of recreational rowing
    • Regional representaties and BR Participation Managers
    • Articles in Rowing & Regatta, on BR website, in the press
    • Publication of calendar