Recreational Rowing Committee

Boat Handling

Because touring boats are heavier and wider than racing boats, the method of handling and launching them is rather different.

A touring quad weighs around 80 - 90 kg, compared to a racing four or quad, which typically weighs just over 50kg.  It is therefore unlikely that the crew will be able to carry and launch the boat without assistance.  For beginner, all female or junior crews, we recommend having 8 people - so it's best to organise outings with two boats at a time, so that each crew can help the other to carry their boat.

Launching and recovering the boat is also rather different.   With a racing boat, the crew are normally spread out along the length of the boat, because they are able to hold it using the lateral struts and reach across to the far side of the boat.  As touring boats are wider (about 80 cm in the middle, compared to 55 cm for a racing four), it is easier to have half the crew at each end.

The boat can either be put on the water parallel to the landing stage, or perpendicular to the landing stage if the ground is flat.  

We will post photos and possibly a video here in due course.