Recreational Rowing Leagues

Several regions run "Sunday Leagues" between local Explore clubs.  These consist of inter-club competitions which may be "Splash and Dash" regattas, skills events or longer distance time trials, with participating clubs earning points for each win.  At the end of the season, the club with the most points is declared the winner.



2017 dates

5th March - Hexham Splash and Dash
2nd April - Durham Splash and Dash
7th May - Berwick Splash and Dash
4th June - Tees Skills Head
2nd July - Tyne Splash and Dash
6th August - Tynemouth Splash and Dash
10th September - Talkin Tarn Skills Head
1st October - Tyne United Splash and Dash


Organiser:  Richard Robinson, email ricrob [at]

2017 dates

22nd January - Maidehead Time Trial
19th March - Goring Gap


No information received so far for 2017