Route of the 2003 FISA Tour on the Thames


Thames Routes

Planning a tour on the Thames?   Here is our suggestion for breaking the river from Lechlade to Putney into sections which can be rowed comfortably in one day or in some cases half a day.  Those in search of a challenge may, of course, decide to row longer distances each day.  However, the river above Oxford is very bendy, so cannot be rowed at race pace!

The river is not navigable above Lechlade.  We do not recommend attempting to row below Putney, due to dangerous tides and heavy traffic.

The locks above Oxford are not manned, so you will need a bank party to operate them.  It is not always easy to get in and out of rowing boats, as the banks and landing stages are too high.

Start End Km Locks Lunch stop
Lechlade Newbridge - Rose Revived Inn 26.5 6 Picnic at Tadpole Bridge
Newbridge Oxford - Falcon Rowing Club 25.7 4 Trout Inn, Godstow
Oxford Abingdon Rowing Club 12.4   Half day row
Abingdon Wallingford Rowing Club 19.7   Barley Mow, Clifton Hampden
Wallingford Reading RC or Thames Valley Park RC 28 or 31 4 or 5 Pangbourne / Whitchurch (various pubs)
Thames Valley Park Henley Rowing Club or Phyllis Court Club 12.5 3 Half day row
Henley Maidenhead or Eton Dorney / Eton Excelsior 25 or 31 6 or 7 Various pubs in Marlow, or stop at Bisham Abbey
Maidenhead or Eton Weybridge 32 or 24 6 or 7 Wraysbury Pleasure Grounds (Skiff club)
Weybridge Putney 39 3 Kingston -  Boatman Inn next to Rowing Club